Mission Statement

Vision and Mission of Polytechnic


The vision of the Furniture Industry Business Management Study Program (MBIF) is to become a role model for business management education in the Furniture and Wood Processing sector towards recognition at the level International in 2030


In order to achieve this vision, the MBIF Department carries out a mission which is essentially: implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education (education and teaching, research, and community service), including:

  1. This study program was formed with the main objective of providing human resources competent industry in the field of business management to fill the needs and strengthening middle level management in the Furniture and Wood Processing Industry.
  2. Produce graduates who have competent knowledge and skills for meeting the business management needs of the Furniture and Wood Processing Industry in Indonesia dynamic Furniture Industry environment
  3. Building a conducive learning environment to grow and build spirit of innovation, discipline, responsibility, confidence, sympathy, integrity and accountability